I have been photographing people for almost 15 years! My favorite photo subjects are families, newborns (+ older babies), & seniors! I enjoy finding unique and creative ways to bring out personalities in a portrait. Before the session day, I gather as much info as I can about who I'll be photographing! For me, creative artistry begins here. After I get to know my subjects, we start customizing and creating a one of a kind photo experience for you! Most of my sessions consist of laughing and praising how beautiful & blessed my subjects are! It is one of my life's favorite privileges- to create memories together! 

 I graduated from Hawkeye Community College with a degree in Professional Photography, majoring in Portrait Photography. From demand of friends and family, the word of mouth advertising that came from those first sessions, led to officially starting my business after completing the photography program at Hawkeye Community College. Sackett Photography is a full service studio based out of our home in Jesup, Iowa.

When I'm not taking photos I enjoy spending time with my husband, Nick, adorable sweet littles, Oscar, Oliver (Ollie), Oxford (Ford), & Opal, and hanging out with our family & friends. My hobbies include sewing, crafting, prop/antique/junk shopping, decorating (nurseries, especially), movies, and music. I have a magnetic pull to the color mint, aqua, turquoise...and so on. I never turn down a good cupcake or chocolate chip cookie. And most importantly, my foundation for my business is deeply rooted in my core beliefs in our Heavenly Father. God is good ya'll! What a beautiful story He is writing for me, my family, & my photo family. 

Believe it or not, my biggest prayer is that my business be what GOD wants it to be-nothing more. My prayer and hope is that He brings me the people I need and that need me - in whatever season of life we find ourselves! Every year brings more exciting changes and adventures. Each year I'm blessed to get to do what I love and love what I do. I've met some of the most amazing people that I call my "photo family". Since we've started our own family, I've realized just how invaluable photography is. I'm so blessed to be able to have this skill at my right hand. The photos of my littles are my "happy place" and every room in our home has become a happy one with their sweet faces on our walls. Our little masterpieces are better than any other piece of art I could buy from a shelf in a store.

Doing photography from our home has allowed me the best opprotunities to watch my babies grow...and I cherish that. Hours can sometimes get crazy, but I am thankful for my clients that understand I'm a mom first! Thank you in advance for your patience when waiting for my email replies ") 

Lastly, I want you to know that I strive to create a once in a lifetime custom experience at every portrait session, not a "cookie cutter" one. My prayer and hope is that your memory portraits get even sweeter in 40 years. 
Please email me at sackettphotography@hotmail.com for session info! I'd LOVE to have you!